Jumat, 14 Oktober 2011

english version (guaya nafff.. rawr!)

Start to blogging again !! 
Nice to meet you my blog. I've try a new thing that make me curious. This is a social network like facebook, but based on my mind, it's should be have sophisticated technology because when i read article about 'facebook vs google +', the technology from google + is combined from facebook and twitter. Waaw,, can you imagine that it's make me Mark Zuckerberg couldn't sound sleep,hehehe #lebay
But, until this time, the google + still more quiet than facebook that more earlier and have billion customer. But I thing it's just wait the time for google+ to make the biggest social network. So. I've make it, and just wait have a more friend in 'circle'. I invite to all my friend, make account google+ if you don't want to be a primitive person,,hehehe maksa

Huuh lega banget udh berani posting kaya gini, cuma pengen menuhi janji aku aja yang udh tak buat beberapa bulan yang lalu dan baru kesampaian sekarang, Selamat menjadi orang yang selalu berkembang :)

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